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Pest control services in Inverclyde

Professional pest control services in Greenock, Inverclyde and the surrounding areas.

Clyde Pest Control Services are an established business set up to provide a fast and professional service to commercial premises and domestic residences in the Inverclyde area.

A recent Greenock Telegraph article highlighted the issue of pest control in Inverclyde, stating that it was one of the worst areas in Scotland for complaints about rats and bedbugs as well as being the third highest for call-outs. Clyde pest Control Services are qualified to deal with numerous types of pests from rodents to crawling insects. We are able to help the local community with unwanted rodents and insect pests!


All pest control work is carried out humanely and within current legislation conforming to conditions governed by the General Licences of the British Pest Control Association and Scottish Natural Heritage.

We also operate within the legal requirements governing Health and Safety, Food and Public Health, Animal Welfare and Control and legislation applied to the use of pesticides.

Rodent detection dog
Rodent detection dog

Meet Amber - our rodent detection dog

After watching a television programme about dogs being used to drive rats out of South Georgia, Gordon decided that this could be something he utilised for his business and the advantage of his clients. He began to research the best breeds of dog for pest control and added Parson terrier Amber to his family in 2016.


Her sensitive nose lets him know exactly where pests are in a home, she sniffs around, identifies the source and Gordon does the rest. Her nose is around 2,000 times as sensitive as a human, so she has a great advantage when tracking them down, plus she’s fantastic company and a hit with family and clients alike. As Gordon says, “She's the boss and tells me where the problems are. I trust her to do that."


Gordon and Amber are well known across the Inverclyde area, ranging from their home in Wemyss Bay all across the surrounding areas. As far as we know she is the only rodent detection dog in the area and another great reason to choose Clyde Pest Control Services.

About our pest control services


We can deal with:

  • Mice, rats, squirrels, moles and rabbits

  • Bees, wasps and cluster flies

  • Bed bugs and fleas

  • Moths and carpet beetles

  • Cockroaches and ants

Squirrel outdoors

We can provide:

  • Dead animal removal

  • Commercial site servicing

  • Pest control contracts

  • Professional advice

Contact Us

11 Ryan Road, Wemyss Bay, PA18 6DH

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Keep pests at bay

If you've got a problem with pests, the answer is to get in touch with Clyde Pest Control Services. Based in Wemyss Bay, we cover the Greenock and Inverclyde areas.

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