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Commercial pest control in Inverclyde

Supporting local businesses and commercial organisations

Clyde Pest Control Services arranges contractual agreements for managing pest control in commercial premises and offers a no obligation survey with a comprehensive quote. We can also proof buildings against pests and give advice on shop husbandry to protect stock from damage.

About our commercial pest control

Exercising due diligence

Good businesses will always exercise due diligence in order to ensure the health & safety of the public, customers, employees and stock. This is particularly relevant in the food industry.

No business wants legal action taken against them because they have overlooked or neglected health risk issues caused by pest problems.


Rodent or insect infestations, as well as bird nuisances are a public health issue that could lead to legal action or government-imposed fines being levied against a business or owner.


In the worst cases a business could be closed down for an undetermined period of time until the pest problem has been eradicated causing loss of revenue and potentially crippling loss of income for owners and staff.


All the above statements are covered under the following legislation:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

  • Public Health Act 1936 & Public Health Act 1961

  • Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949

  • The Fresh Meat (Hygiene & Inspection) Regulations 1992

  • The Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1988

  • Food Safety Act 1990

  • Regulations EC 178/2002 & EC 852-854/2004

  • Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005

  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990

  • *This list is not exhaustive

Ants eating food

How much will this cost me?

Protection from pest infestations is not as expensive as you might think. Whether a large manufacturing/production company or a small family retail firm, all year round, cost-effective pest control can be arranged tailored to your business needs. Weighed against the potential damaging costs listed above, exercising due diligence does not have to cost the earth.

For full details of the range and costs of our commercial services, please contact us for a leaflet.

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Get a quote for commercial pest control

Arranging a quotation for commercial pest control is really easy with Clyde Pest Control Services. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to provide a competitive one. Based in Wemyss Bay, we work across all of the surrounding areas of Inverclyde including Greenock, just get in touch on:

07717 813911 or 01475 789131

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